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   I am Luffy, I love anime since my childhood because Anime is fantastic and passionate.


   When I was in middle school, an interesting idea always came into my mind, I want to have a small sex doll like my favorite one Piece Nami. But this world didn't have what I wanted.

   Until 2018, I decided to make my dreams come true and set up an anime team. We spent almost one-year researching, we create our first anime doll-Dragon Girl "Ling". Ling is an Art with anime face and real soft skin, she is very clean and has no peculiar smell. We have been updating Ling 3 times,She is Small silicone doll primary,  then update to Big Size, finally she become real sex action figure. Now she is our most popular doll.

   We created the brand in 2019. We are the unique in offering best MINI ANIME sex dolls in the world.

  Our anime sex doll combine the advantages of action figure and sex doll,with the exquisite appearance as action figure and soft pussy as sex doll. We are the pioneer in the mini sex action figure.

 We design different kinds of mini sex dolls: constellation series, monster girl series,city girl series,large version series and so on.

 MRLtoy is a creative design brand:

-For creative: We design  awesome sex toy that satisfy Men's fantasies that can't be realized in real life.

-For funny: Try different ways to use sex doll.

-For service: Have you ever thought of any different  ideas of sex doll, just tell me to make it come true.

 -For quality:  we focus on details of production, every product is a work of art.we constantly update our product with new style and techniques,developed new Medical Grade Silicone, different vaginas and breasts.

Discover the secret of sex, know yourself and your lover.

   One of our fans told me, you have the perfect colorful silicone mixing skill and appearance design, why not design the fantasy dildo? Finally, we design other kinds of product,like: Dildo,Vibrator and Torso sex doll.

   Then, we design our first Snake Dildo, We keep the anime and fantasy elements.

    And more delicious dildos were created

       -Savage Zheng Dildo                  -Holder Tentacle  Dildo            -Delicious Croissant Dildo              -Sweet Ice Crem Cone Dildo

  We also design the 1ST Fuckable Breasts torso Sex Doll in the world. Lucy is an Amazing doll: Nipple penetration, big ass and supper huge boobs.

  Vibrator:Extremely cute rabbit shape,Suitable for store.

                Suitable for the beginner,partner foreplay



   We have created different styles of anime sex dolls, and we also make original comics for each sex doll.

    We hope the anime doll could make your life perfect, stay naive, enthusiastic and hopeful. Take her to your home as a gift for yourself.


In the end, We would like to find influencers to promote our sex action figure, contact us soon if you are interested in our product: become an affiliate.

Here is a good news to tell our friends, and need you to do me a favor: We open our US Amazon store, we would give you a big discounts if you could give us real feedback, everyone has a chance. We have two sub-brands: zonbik and unszz, about the zonbik doll and unszz doll.

   Join our telegram group to know more about us: https://t.me/AmzVPro

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