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Your privacy is our first priority, you don’t want a nosy neighbour, roommate or the delivery guy to know what you ordered… Luckily we’re already shipping adult toys for 14 years and know all about super stealth shipping.

First off we make sure that all orders are shipped out in a plain carton box like this (although size may vary):

Secondly we don’t have any reference to our company on the shipping labels. We use a third party shipping company and they use a discrete return address which can’t be tracked back to us in anyway.

And just as the shipping is super discreet, payment is just as discreet as we use simple abbreviation on the payment description that could be from any store or service :)

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Ula-Double Breasts Four Boobs Anime Sex Doll

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Ula-Double Breasts Four Boobs Anime Sex Doll

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