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THE SEX SIMS-chapter 1

A hot Friday afternoon.
Luffy is in a daze. The sun shines on Luffy's face through the subway window.
When the door is closing, a girl rushes into the carriage and sit oppsite to luffy.
Suddenly,Luffy glances at the girl's red T-back between her white thights. The girl smiles and crosses her legs quickly.
But luffy cann't forget that.He looks at her beautiful face, and sometimes stare at her thights, hope to peek it again.
Luffy fantasize the pink pussy, and his cock harden......But just five minutes later, the girl gets off the train. 
He wants to follow the girl and asks her phone number, but the train restart while he is hesitating.
Luffy hasn't had sex yet, because he wants to find the ture love.The most important reason is that he is a religious christian, he doesn't really know what is love,and just wants to fuck girls, he insists that is not right.
But his body is becoming stronger and stronger,full of desire lust for women.The fire is burning inside his body, he is almost losing control of himself. It is the fire and ice in past few years.
Luffy thinks about the train girl again after dinner. What is her job and where is she now? Maybe she is naked on the couch watching a TV show, the red T-back beside her.
His penis becomes harden again and wants to masturbate.Luffy thinks that is not really happen, so the God would forgive him.
Luffy clicks the pornhub on iPhone,but he could not find a role like the train girl. He searches "anime sex doll" in Google and clicks the MRL.
He falls into a virtual black hole immediately.
MRL AI assistant says to him: do you want to fall in love with the train girl?
Luffy: Really?
MRL AI assistant: Let's have a sex sims game.

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