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Yukiko-True view of MRL colorful hot leg girl Yukiko

Yukiko-True view of MRL colorful hot leg girl Yukiko

Immersive experience unpacking MRL toy-Yukiko



The package delivery with a yellow outer carton.It is hard enough.


Inside carton is a black box with MRL brand,Privacy Protection also  protect the doll very well.


Thermoplastic film packing,Let's see what's inside.


-Box inside

Yukiko pack with a frosted protective bag & Hot Halter Skirt.Which can meet our dress needs.


Open the bag,Let's see the details of Yukiko.


-Details of Yukiko

She is a colorful anime girl,full dress with the delicate make up.




The details about her feets,True scale scaling,Degree of reduction 100%






Put Yukiko pure high heels on. The benefits of the foot control.




Delicate makeup with blink face.Also the hair is full of charm.

  • Her body is supported by skeleton developed with a new technology,which means it can be drived in a variety of positions.


Her hands and feet have bulit in frame,Hands are fiexible and tender.


Her legs and arms all sdjustable,Which can be kneeling or sitting.


She can be a action figure put on the table directly.Who will find the secret of her??


-Unfix Yukiko

The details of Yukoko also very delicate.Sexy waistline with high ponytail.


Unfix her dress, I can't stop to slap her big ass.


Emulational vagina,The vagina channel is curves.


You can tell us the difference by your hands.


-How to clean the doll??

Water clean directly.


    Towelling her wet body.


    Put the dry sticker in her channel.


    Pur her back in the bag.

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