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I am Luffy, I love anime since my childhood because Anime is fantastic and passionate.

When I was in middle school, an interesting idea always came into my mind, I want to have a small sex doll like my favorite one Piece Nami. But this world didn't have what I wanted.

There were some fantasy sex doll ideas in my mind too. But I never thought about starting a sex doll brand.
At this point, I want to continue this fantasy dream, make a different brand.
I've been thinking about a question:What can customers get from my product finally?

Unszz means unique lover sex doll, I hope you would discover the secret of sex, elevate to the philosophical level and know yourself from desire.
Different product: We design awesome sex toy, especially the fantasy sex doll that satisfy men's fantasies that can't be realized in real life.
Different funny: Try different ways to use sex doll for funny.
Different service: Have you ever thought of any different  ideas of sex doll, just tell me to make it come true.

Someone said this a joke, I will be the Man Who Became the king of sex doll. Finally, Know yourself, then you would do well with your lover or ladies,maybe no struggling to maintain relationship.

“Know Thyself.”


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